Friday Foraging 1

There’s a lot of amazing Pagan writers online, and a lot of just really interesting stuff. So, once a week, I will post a quick round up of a few things I have seen and read this week that I’ve found interesting but that I haven’t had time to fully respond to. This bite-sized run down will be known as the Friday Foraging. So, without further ado, let’s get into it for this week:

The Witch of Lupine Hollow has a great post on 6 Ways to Develop a Pagan Daily Devotional. As a mostly solitary Pagan, daily practice can be a struggle, and these ideas are brilliant prompts for ways to bring some magic into every day.

The Wall Street Journal discusses the phenomenon of “plant blindness”, the inability of people to tell different plants apart or really even notice the plants when they go for a walk outside: “We are creating a virtual world and we are not paying attention to the natural world around us”. Connection with nature is central to my Druidry, and yes, sometimes that means taking a field guide out with you and learning Latin names!

Heather Greene at The Wild Hunt has an editorial on Plagiarism, Fraud and Illegal Sharing of Art on Paganism. As a librarian as well as a Pagan, this is a topic that spans both my professional and personal interests. Illegal sharing of books and art hurts the creators, especially in small communities like Paganism where authors aren’t exactly getting rich from their work. Don’t plagiarise, folks, and remember to cite your sources!

A bit of a cheat since I do intend to do a fuller response, but here’s two articles that really made my ears prick up, both on the misinterpretation of science within Paganism. The first is by John Halstead at Humanistic Paganism – Walking Barefoot: What Science is Good For (and What it Isn’t), and the second is by Danni Lang at Esoteric Moment – Magic is Not Quantum Mechanics. I have so much to say about this, so watch this space! Danni has a video as well, which is well worth a watch:




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