Trans Rights are Human Rights

Recently, there have been arguments in some corners of online Pagan space about the acceptance of trans people in Paganism, and the existence of a certain newly formed trans-exculsionary “Pagan” organisation. I have no interest in linking to them, because I don’t want to have my site flooded with angry commenters, but a quick search will let you know what I mean.

The ever-thoughtful John Beckett has an excellent post rightly criticising some recent Pagan media coverage of this controversy. If you want to get into the details, you can do so there.

The point of this post is to simply state the following:

Trans women are women. Trans men are men.

Non-binary gender identities are valid.

People’s self definition, gender presentation, and use of pronouns should be respected.

These should not be controversial statements; they are simple statements of human rights and dignity for people who are trans and/or non-binary.

There’s a lot of scaremongering nonsense in the press about trans people in bathrooms, chaging rooms and what have you, but the truth is that they are just people wanting to live their lives the same way anybody else does.

As a misunderstood minority group ourselves, it behooves Pagans to look out for other minority groups, and not to exclude them from our communities. I want no part of any Paganism that is not rooted in “the love of all existences”, for all people on this earth.

If you disagree, I ask that you please take your opinions someplace else. And no, this is not censorship. Wrycrow is my personal site, effectively my online “living room”, and my hospitality does not extend to people whose narrowly gendered views are literally killing trans people around the world.

Trans rights are human rights.


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