Friday Foraging 3

You know, I’m quite enjoying these weekly forays into the groves and thickets of the Pagan internet. Here’s what I thought was interesting this week, but didn’t have the time to write a full response to:

Stuart Jeffrey is a refreshing and inspiring voice for activism and change within Druidry, and his blog, A Druid Voice, is always worth a read. His latest post, Why Bother?, asks the simple but poignant question: if “the human experiment has failed and we are pretty much doomed so what is the point in campaigning to protect the Earth?”

[A]re there any circumstances under which we should not act in reverence? Are there any circumstances when we should stop trying to protect her by changing the way human animals act? I think the answer to both is no…For us the Earth is sacred. It matters not whether our time here is coming to an end or not, our relationship with the sacred needs to be right.

Dana over at The Druid’s Garden continues her evocative series on Plant Spirit Communication this week, looking at Communication in Many Forms:

This is to say, plants remember. The land remembers. Plants speak to each other; you develop a relationship with a tribe of plants (a species, an ecosystem) and the more you work with one, the more all will be open. Over time, this can be a tremendous tool.

Danni at Esoteric Moment has a post and video about a topic dear to my own heart: Garden Magic, including composting, preserving, seed saving and more. I love my little garden and it is definitely a magical spot and something of a sanctuary for me and the wild creatures that make use of it, so it’s always nice to hear a new perspective on bringing a little Paganism into your gardening:

Astrea the Starlight Witch on Patheos, has a great run down of the Majesty of Pagan Viking Music, with auditory treats from Wardruna, Heilung and some other artists I had not yet heard of. If you like haunting soundscapes that transport you to a wilder place and time, these artists are well worth checking out.


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