Friday Foraging 7

Walk with me into the forest groves of the Pagan internet, where beneath the fallen leaves and underneath moss-grown logs hidden worlds of ideas are to be found and gathered up.

It’s time for this week’s Friday Foraging, featuring links I found interesting but haven’t had the time to write a full response to.

As it’s October, why not start with an excellent post about Hallowe’en and Samhain?

Yvonne Aburrow (Yewtree) at Dowsing for Divinity is excellent, and if you’re not already following their blog and Twitter feed, do so! As well as a great introduction to the real meaning of the Pagan festival of Samhain, Yvonne reminds us that while dressing up is great fun for Hallowe’en, cultural appropriation is not, so let’s not have any Day of the Dead, “Voodoo priest” or Native American “Indian” costumes, yeah?

The season of Halloween is fast approaching, and with it, the opening of several different silly seasons. It’s the season for racists to dress as caricatures of other ethnic groups. It’s the season for journalists to find the gothiest witches they can, and write dramatic articles about them. And it’s the season for spooky films on TV, and (gods help us all) pumpkin spice latte…

The disrespect shown to traditional festivals like Dia de Muertos, Samhain, All Souls, All Hallows, etc just shows how detached our culture is from both death and Nature.

I am always glad to see Halloween decorations emphasizing the Autumnal symbolism of the festival. It is a recognition of the cycle of the seasons, and through that recognition, we can get closer to an appreciation of the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

Over at Away With the Witch on Patheos, Lyn Thurman reveals the secret of How to be “Witchy” Enough.

Nope, this doesn’t mean wearing long black robes, flying on a broomstick, or conducting magical and beautiful rituals in flawless Latin.

The secret is simple.

It’s just to listen to your heart and know in your soul that you’re enough.

If you resonate with the essence of a witch then that’s enough.

You are witchy enough 24/7.

You don’t have to *do* something to be witchy enough. You allow yourself to be.

Also on the Patheos network, I came across a very timely and helpful article by Astrea on Starlight Witch, who writes about Jump Starting your Regular Practice.

This is something I am in serious need of working on! (I hope you didn’t think I was some super organised awesome Druid doing amazing rituals every day, because nope). My practice can be pretty sporadic, and if I’m having a busy or stressful time elsewhere in my life or work, spiritual stuff tends to take a back seat (yes, I know that’s when I need it most!).

It’s important to realize that we often need divine intervention the most when when we’re the busiest. We need reinvigoration when we’re spending our energy like it’s free, when we’re scrambling to go to this meeting or that, when we’re setting up appointments between coffee lunches and an almost-empty gas tank. Taking a moment to connect is crucial…Regular practice helps connect us to the cycles of the earth, our own internal rhythms, our evolving desires, and our sense of self.

Inspired by Astrea’s post, I am planning a self rededication ritual for the next New Moon (next Tuesday, 9 October), so watch this space for a write-up of how that goes!

And finally, it seems that this October really is the Season of the Witch, with two new witchy shows starting on TV that I’m rather looking forward to (OK, fine, I’m bouncing on the sofa with excitement just writing about them). The first is a new series (not a reboot) of Charmed, and the second is the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

These both look super different, with Charmed being seemingly in a similar-but-updated vein to the original (which I love in all its cheesy bad writing and awful fashion glory), and Sabrina going for a proper Satanic Witchcraft horror vibe, a world away from the Sabrina of the 90s. No doubt Witches and Pagans everywhere will roll their eyes and write long opinion pieces about how Charmed is too “fluffy” and the new Sabrina is insulting Witches by equating them with Satan, but heck, anything that features cool Witches doing cool Witchy things is fine by me, and who knows how many future-Pagans they may inspire?

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