Just a moment: a poem

Too much, too fast, too soon, too now;
Wildfires burn, each spark a story.
The rising tide will overwhelm us all;
A flood of meaning, meaningless amidst the noise.
Gaze into it, it gazes back,
A void of fire and fury, all is fear,
The fear of dying, fear of failure, fear of being found out;
Scrying screens reflect your tearstained eyes.
We carry with us the terrors of the world.
A personal demon whispering incessantly –
So much noise, and all is urgent, all is here,
All clamouring at once to make it known.


And breathe again, feel the ground beneath your feet,
The sky above, the shining endless stars.
There is high beauty, always out of reach.
No human hand or tool can mar their face.
And you are here, and you are now, and you are –
You Are. Of earth and stars, of land and sea.


The world is so much more than this.
Through concrete cracks, flowers grow, while worms beneath still turn the soil
And wait;
Their time is nigh.


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