Spring Equinox: Change and challenge

“In the turning wheel of the year, now is the moment of equal day and night, the time when the promise of Earth moves towards its summer fulfillment. This is the time of Alban Eiler, the Light of the Earth. The birds return from southern lands, bearing springtime beneath their wings. The flowers burgeon with the promise of fruit. The green blades of the grainfields leap towards the Sun.” – John Michael Greer, The Druidry Handbook.

Blessings of the Spring Equinox to you!

Known in the Druid tradition as Alban Eiler, the Light of the Earth, and in the Wiccan tradition as Ostara, the Spring Equinox marks a time of equal day and night. This year, the Equinox coincides with a full moon, making it an even more magical moment.

Because the Equinoxes (Spring and Autumn) are moments where light and dark are roughly equal, many see them as a time of balance, a still point before the year rushes on towards Summer or Winter.

This year, however, the sense I get is not of balance, but of change. The world is not in balance right now; the changing climate no longer makes the seasons neat and predictable, the old Wheel of the Year increasingly anachronistic in its dates and symbolism. When spring comes in January, with winter again in February and summer in March, how can we celebrate balance? How can we pretend that nature is orderly?

There is change in the air, and with change comes challenge. We see this with the rise of amazing people, often young people, often women, leading the charge against the old order of nationalism and capitalism – in the US elections, in the worldwide climate strikes, in the campaigns to end fossil fuels, in movements for LGBT+ rights. Such change, on such a systematic and global level, will face entrenched opposition no doubt. But the times, they are a’ changing, and these movements are the future. Those who refuse to change will be left behind.

As one protest sign said, “The oceans are rising, and so are we”.

This Equinox is one not of stillness, but of forward momentum. At the point of balance, we see the day start to overtake the night. It is a hinge and turning point of the year, and calls us to make changes in our own lives, that will help us move forward with the increasing pace of change around us.

The Spring Equinox carries with it a breath of fresh air, a new start, all the possibilities of beginning. We have been through the dark half of the year from the previous Autumn Equinox to now; we have dwelled in the confines of our homes, in darkness and uncertainty, and now we walk boldly into the light of a new day, a new season, a new time.

Now is a time of action. Those hopes and dreams whose seeds we planted over the dark times are growing, but they need our help to do so. Thinking about Druidry is not Druidry. Wishing for change is not making change. Intention, ritual, magic, call it what you will, all needs to be followed up with action in the world to be of any use.

I feel myself changing too, waking up, slowly and sometimes painfully growing into the person I should always have been. Like all change, this can be scary, but like all challenges, it holds within itself the promise of fulfillment.

Yes, I know that’s vague. For the time being, it has to be. Small shoots of new growth need to be nurtured, and to expose them too soon to the elements can risk losing them forever.

As the year turns, as the green and growing time is upon us, as the world stands poised at the edge of hopes and fears, as the oceans rise and the earth warms, as a dying old order flails and thrashes in its final throes, will we change? will we rise to the challenges ahead? Will we live our lives gloriously?

May the Spring Equinox bring the energy of change, the tenacity of hope, the courage of becoming.

By the powers of Land, and Sky, and Sea
As it was, and is and shall ever be,
With the ebb and the flow – Blessed Be.

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  1. I share that sense of feeling a lot of energy surging all around me. I am so grateful for the energy of young people fighting for the survival of life.

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