Friday Foraging 18

I’ve not been online as much this week, so it’s a small forage today, but here we go:

The Witch of Lupine Hollow has a simple Ostara Candle Spell for Clarity, which I think could easily be performed at any time of year with a few tweaks. I don’t do a lot of spellwork but I do like candle magic, even just as a focus for meditation:

While it might seem a bit counterintuitive to reach for candles – an age-old source of light – just as the days are beginning to get brighter again, candle magick can certainly be performed all year round. In this instance, the tiny flames atop each candle only help to serve as a further reminder of this beautiful season and the sizzling heat that will soon shine down on us once more.

Anima Monday has a great Interview with Danni Lang, of Esoteric Moment, whose videos I’ve featured here a few times. Danni is someone who lives her Druidry, and whose joy absolutely shines forth through her words, both in print and in video format.

My hope for our future growth as humans and as a planet is that we become better at listening, to each other and the planet itself. When our ears are open to all trees, rocks, and each neighbor we have more capacity to grow and understand each other. My hope is this leads to more peace and a concerted effort at slowing climate change. We depend on the earth and need to be better companions with her.

Brandy Williams at Star and Snake on Patheos asks How Does Spiritual Worth Look On Me? How does a person’s body relate to their spiritual “worth”?

The new frontier in body blaming is health. Physical and mental illness, weight, and lack of fitness are signs of personal deficiencies. The truly spiritual person eats a vegetarian diet, practices yoga, and looks good in leggings!

There are so many factors that shape our bodies. Nothing about that shape indicates a magical failure. The state of the body does not reflect the worth of the soul. The soul’s experience of material life is the spiritual journey, and part of that journey for every person is navigating illness, injury, and age. After all, we will all die, and that is not a spiritual deficiency but a physical necessity. For me what is most important is to accept every person as spiritual, whatever their body may look like.

That’s all for this week’s bite-sized foraging, see you next week!

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