Friday Foraging 22

It’s been a week, folks! So, what hidden gems have I found in the Pagan blogging community this week?

In no particular order, here we go:

Humanistic Paganism has an excellent post by “Skeptical Seeker” on Being An Atheist Druid, which really resonates with me. I tend to a sort of vague apophatic agnosticism which in practice shades into non-theism in that I don’t worship gods as part of my Pagan practice, so a lot of what Skeptical Seeker says here echoes my own experience. If you are a non-theistic Pagan, I highly recommend the Humanistic Paganism blog as a resource for information and articles from like-minded folks:

“I’ve found that in the broader pagan community — outside explicitly atheist or humanist circles — there is a common assumption that what defines someone as a ‘pagan’ is that they are polytheistic. This is one area in which I admit I have felt a bit out of place, and that is where members of the grove talk about their workings and experiences with their gods. I think the stories are interesting and the last thing I want to do is show disrespect or cast doubt for anyone else’s experiences. But what do I say when someone asks me what gods I work with?”

Gwyn at The Agora on Patheos Pagan writes about her path as a Green Witch in 3 Pagans and a Cat: Green Witchcraft – Embracing Nature’s Rhythm. My path is Druidry, but there is a lot of overlap between that and Green Witchcraft, not least in our reverence for nature and practical application of natural skills and tools. So how do you become a Green Witch?

“Take a course on basic herbalism or read books about the subject. Try to reduce your carbon foot-print by recycling and re-using.

Learn how to wildcraft, use essential oils to create specific blends for wellness as well as magickal workings, or become an herbal tea afficianado within your magickal working. Find a good resource and stock your personal apothecary with herbs to use in your spell-work and rituals.

Work with the energy of the Earth, the trees, the Moon and the seasons. You can also incorporate releasing intention and energy through the spices you use while cooking.”

Shared via the Atheopaganism Facebook page, Gabriella Cazares-Kelly writes at ColorLines about 3 Things to Keep Me From Rolling my Eyes at your White Privilege. This is a really useful guide for us white folk who want to be effective allies to diverse communities:

“There are many things you can do to support the few people of color who are showing up to your meetings, but almost all of them center around you treating us like individuals and taking the time to get to know us. Every community is different and we’re all learning about one another. Although things feel frantic, we have to quit rushing the building of relationships. This isn’t a race. We’re not just learning to come together to oppose the Trump agenda or to create more diverse photo opportunities. We’re building relationships that will transcend the current political climate and will help push progressive, intersectional and truly equitable ideas and legislation forward.”


I wasn’t going to address the recent rash of anti-abortion legislation in the USA partly because I want this blog to be a safe haven for people who might not want to read about issues that could be harrowing, and partly because as someone who is (physically) male, I felt that I wasn’t the one to speak about this. That said, I do feel compelled to include something about this here. For what it’s worth, I unequivocally support women (and trans men and non-binary people who can also get pregnant) in their absolute sovereignty over their bodies and their right to choose.

But rather than dominate with my voice, let me share an article from The Wild Hunt, featuring many other voices: Pagans React to New Abortion Bans. I especially love the comment from Yvonne Aburrow who says:

“If Republicans are serious about wanting to prevent abortion, they should require men to have (reversible) vasectomies…

…But it’s quite clear that Republicans don’t care about the foetus after it’s born, otherwise they’d provide universal healthcare and ban guns. What they want is to prevent women from having sex…

…As Pagans, we should have a sex-positive (but not sex-pressuring) culture with excellent consent practices and responsible use of contraceptives. We should also support people’s autonomy over their own bodies.”

In the same piece Heron Michelle writes:

“Any “Forced-birth” legislation that denies women of their reproductive free-will, isn’t “pro-life” at all; it is a patriarchal, theocratic, fascist form of control over “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” which is anti-American, anti-woman and anti-Witchcraft.

If we allow this degradation of our separation of church and state to take hold, it will inevitably open the door to further infringements upon the freedom of religion that Pagans and Witches now rely upon. It is imperative that we use our voices, powers, and votes to protect reproductive rights, because the fate of personal freedoms for all of us, hang in the balance.”

[Please note this is not an invitation to a debate. Anti-choice comments will be deleted without response because I really don’t want to open my blog to that argument. Thanks.]


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