Blogtober: 30 Days of Druidry

In an effort to kick-start this blog of mine up again, I’m challenging myself to a “Blogtober”, a month-long challenge similar to the popular Inktober drawing challenge. In this case, I will be posting one blog post a day for the month of October, starting tomorrow.

For my theme, I will be revisiting Alison Leigh Lilly’s 2011 project 30 Days of Druidry.

Of necessity, each post will be kept short: under 500 words, so I don’t drive myself round the bend trying to write too much. But I hope they will be small nuggets of Druidry that will help me both rebuild the habit of writing, and help me reflect on what Druidry means to me and how I can better incorporate it into my life.

So, follow along with me for the next 30 days and join me on my wander down the forest path of Druidry!

P.S. Yes, I know October has 31 days, but as the 31st is Samhain/Halloween, I will be able to do a final blog post about my favourite spooky holiday!

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