30 Days of Druidry: Inspirations – Divination and Magic

The world is enchanted.

That is the heart of my Druidry – an opening and unfolding towards the magic of the real, the song of the world, the literal en-chant-ment of existence, the flow of Awen.

Magic is not like in the films. You can’t point a wand, say some badly-phrased Latin and shoot fireballs. Magic is subtle. Magic is ethereal and ephemeral – try to define it, to capture it, to hold it, and it slips through your grasp like fog.

As the fish does not see the water in which they swim, so too most people do not see the magic all around us. The air we breathe, our existence, the pale blue and green marble in the vastness of space which we call home, is magical. Is wonderous. Is, for want of a better word, a miracle.

The magic of Druidry is the magic of the Bard, of creation and creativity, song and art and word and story.

The magic of Druidry is the magic of the Ovate, of healing and insight, of the deep woods and the depths of the mind.

The magic of Druidry is the magic of the Druid, the wild wisdom of forest and field, of stone and star, of sea and sky.

The magic of Druidry is no more and vitally no less than the magic of being alive, and being aware.

Divination is one tool to aid this awareness, and takes many forms. In Druidry, divination is often performed using the Ogham, that ancient Irish alphabet popularised by Robert Graves who emphasised Ogham’s connection to trees, and created an Ogham tree-calendar.

With Ogham divination, as with the more popular Norse runes, Ogham letters are carved onto wooden staves and cast or drawn to provide answers to questions. In my Druidry, I do not do this to tell fortunes or see the future, for I do not believe the future is fixed. I use Ogham divination to help my brain move away from the logical-rational and towards the intuitive-mystical; to see questions from another angle, to divine hidden connections I might not otherwise have noticed.

Divination is a way of conversing with your own intuition and, perhaps, with the Awen, or the sacred, however you percive it. As with magic, it is best approached with discernment, for it may lead you to paths unexpected and locations unseen.

It may reveal wonders.

And that is the real magic.

[Prompt from Alison Leigh Lilly’s 30 Days of Druidry]


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