30 Days of Druidry: Everyday Life – Druidry and Romance

“And the sunlight clasps the earth, and the moonbeams kiss the sea” – Percy Bysshe Shelly.

Druidry is a romantic path: you may even say it is a Romantic path, drawing inspiration from the Romantic movement in poetry, those wilder souls who sought, through the beauty of their words, to shine the light of truth and offer an alternative to the soulless mechanisation of the Industrial Revolution in which they lived.

Druidry whispers romance, flitting between the trees like a dryad, beckoning you forth with the romance of myth and art, music and nature, wildness and wisdom.

Druidry opens the heart to love. Love of life, love of earth, love of stones and stars, love of trees and seas, love of summer days and winter nights, love of each raindrop that falls to kiss your upturned face.

For why should romance be limited to the realm of human love?

Society has an idea of romance, and that idea is sold to us. It is the idea of heteronormativity, sex, marriage. The dark magicians of advertising and media push this idea out in film, television, magazines, commercials, so much and so constantly we sometimes believe the lie – that this, alone, is what romance is.

It can be so much more.

To love another human being is ineffably wonderous. To find someone with whom your soul-song resonates in symphony, whose dreams are your dreams, whose pain is your pain, whose time-lined face grows ever more beautiful with each laugh, each smile that crinkles the eyes, is a joy and a blessing. It can change lives. It can save lives.

Love is beyond gender, and it can be so much more.

The Greeks, of course, had many words for love. From the erotic to the familial, the selfish to the selfless. Eros and agape and philia and pragma and ludus and philautia, these words are romantic even to say, they roll from the tongue like kisses.

We need more words today. More ways of describing love. More romance in our language and in our lives.

We need words for the romance of sea caressing shore, of roots penetrating earth, of the heat of the chase, for sex or for food. Of tectonic plates moving over and under each other, erupting into mountains and volcanoes. Of the dance of moon and earth, sun and stars. Of the enveloping of black holes and the climax of exploding stars. Of the catch of breath, and the silent stillness ever after.

Druidry whispers romance, and it can be so much more.

“And in the love of all existences, the love of Spirit and of all goodness”. – The Druid’s Prayer.

[Prompt from Alison Leigh Lilly’s 30 Days of Druidry]

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