30 Days of Druidry All in One Place

I really enjoyed the 30 Days of Druidry challenge, and am quite pleased with the result. I think that writing them helped me think more about my Druidry, and I hope that at least some of them will contain ideas and thoughts that are useful to new Druids starting out on the path.

I don’t want them to get lost in the noise of blogging, so I have created a new page in the top-menu here which has all the 30 Days of Druidry posts collected together for easy reading.

Many thanks of course to Alison Leigh Lilly, who created the original prompts and whose writing is an inspiration.

If you’re inspired to create your own 30 Days of Druidry blogging, I’d love to read it, so let me know! And please remember to credit Alison Leigh Lilly as the original source of the prompts.


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