Plough Monday in the office

Tomorrow is Plough Monday, a day when traditionally ploughs and farming tools were blessed for the work of the year ahead. In many rural communities, this tradition is still going strong.

I live on the edges of a suburban/rural area and, while I see farming in the distance most days I’m not directly involved in it. So how as a modern Druid might I honour the spirit of Plough Monday?

What tools are essential in my work today? A laptop, perhaps. A notebook and pen, my wand and altar, my walking stick? All of these can be blessed to bring some sense of the sacred into our daily work as Pagans and Druids.

Our office spaces and professional work are part of our Druid lives too, and deserve some blessings. I’ve written about the relationship between Druidry and work before as part of the 30 Days of Druidry blog challenge:

“But if we are to be Druids, rather than simply pretend to be Druids at the seasonal festivals, we need to be Druids every day. We need to be Druids in business casual as much as we are when in white robes. We need to be Druids in the office as much as in the grove.

Bringing the values of Druidry, of honour, creativity, healing, relationship, to the workplace is a challenge, particularly on busy and stressful days. But it is a challenge that is at the heart of Druidry – to take the Awen and make it manifest, not just on special occasions, but every day.”

May all our tools be blessed and may our work be a manifestation of our Druidry throughout the year to come.

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