Guest Post: Reaching out to the Wider World – How to Save the Planet

coverThis is a guest post by Luke Eastwood.

It may seem a bit bizzare to write a book with such a title, perhaps even a bit arrogant, however, after much reflection I decided it was the best title I could come up with for a book which is exactly about what we can do as individuals to achieve that goal.

I’ve written for a spiritual audience, mostly Pagan, in the past but I wanted to write something that went beyond the already converted Pagan and ecological types that I often spend much of my time around.

I’ve read a lot of ‘preachy’ books about the environment but most of them don’t offer much in the way of practical action or succint reasons for our current crisis. I’ve attempted to blast through all that and cover the core of the issues of each chapter in 1000 words. Most ‘ordinary’ people aren’t interested in reading 100,000 words of lecturing on why we all suck – this is direct, practical and very to the point.

My hope is that people will acutally make decisions to change their actions after reading this and pass on the ideas to others around them. We badly need a change of consciousness and behaviour, not in a year or five years, but right now. This book is an attempt to jerk people out of their stupor and complacency and get real about doing something to protect this wonderful planet from further destruction.

You can buy  How To Save The Planet at, or well-known online retailers. 50% of profits from this will book go to Greenpeace.


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