A Druid’s Pilgrimage

druidfilmOne Druidic blogger I follow, Locksley who writes over at A Wise Fool, recently wrote about a new “drama documentary” about Druidry that he starred in, called A Druid’s Pilgrimage. Directed by Roland Keates and produced by Lost Histories, it had its online premiere over the weekend, so naturally I got a cuppa and sat down to watch.

Weaving together a narrative of a young girl, Gemma, learning about Druidry from her uncle Dylan, and interviews with real-life Druids, A Druid’s Pilgrimage deftly and eloquently introduces the viewer to what Druidry is, some of its history and main concepts, and how Druids live their path in the modern, everyday world.

The film makes good use of the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, with its ancient trees and stone circles, and wide expanses of land and sky, to illustrate the connection to nature that is central to Druidry. The interviews with Druids are interspersed both with the narrative story of Gemma and Dylan’s pilgrimage and conversation, and with footage of actual Druid ritual, lending the whole thing a sense of being grounded in real modern Druidry rather than trying to create a fantasy or historic version of the Druid.

It was especially fun seeing the amount of people I have met at various Druid camps and events in the interviews! The Druid world is a small one after all, and the film-makers definitely chose some good spokespeople.

Locksley writes in his blogpost about the project:

“So, why did I do it? Because there is so little media representation that makes Druids and Pagans look good. Let’s be honest, we’re often portrayed as either being middle-aged hippies to be laughed at best, or robed lunatics seeking attention at worst. After talking with Roly about his project and seeing for myself he was taking Druidry seriously and wanted to portray this in a good way, I figured this would be a good thing for modern day Druidry and Paganism too.”

There are not very many documentaries or stories about modern Druids out there, and to have one starring a real-life Druid lends an authenticity and open-hearted spirit to A Druid’s Pilgrimage. If you don’t know mich about Druidry, it makes for a good introduction and welcome.

It would be interesting to watch alongside the French documentary Druides – Neo to see the similarities and the differences between Druidry in Britain and in France.

The film is just under 40 minutes long and can be watched on YouTube:

The Lost Histories website also has additional information, blog posts and interview snippets from the filming process, which make for interesting follow-up reading.



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