Friday Foraging 19

It's that time again, for a round up of foraged links, fresh from the Pagan internets! Matthew Martin, a Shinto Druid who writes at A Fox of Inari, has an excellent post about Walking Prayer, which reminds me of the importance of "informal" prayer, in communion with nature: Walking on the grass, next to the... Continue Reading →

There is no perfect moment

"Don't you forget about dying, don't you forget about your friend Death, don't you forget that you will die." - Ghost, Pro Memoria. Today is Ash Wednesday in the Catholic tradition. While I have long since left that religion behind, I acknowledge its influence, for good and ill, on my perception. Ash Wednesday is one... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 14

Welcome from the past! It's actually Thursday for me writing this, but who's counting the days? As usual, here's my gleanings from the forest floor of the Pagan interwebs this week: The brilliant Yewtree (Yvonne Aburrow) of Dowsing for Divinity reminded me this week of their excellent post, The Landscape of Gender, which probably unconsciously... Continue Reading →

Gender is an ocean

Gender. What does that word mean to you? Is it just about biology, reproductive function? Is it your idea of yourself, how you perceive your being? Is it a social construct, handed down to us at birth from an authority on high? If so can we hand it back? Gender to me is a process,... Continue Reading →

Together we rise

As well as being the time of Imbolc, February is marked by LGBT History Month. Both times, for me, are a reminder to look back at the past for inspiration for the future. With Imbolc, we recall the Winter past, knowing that while it is still here and still a time of struggle, the hope... Continue Reading →

This is Me

Yesterday marked World Mental Health Day, and today marks National Coming Out Day, which are two pretty major "days" to have in rapid succession. I have depression and anxiety, I always have and chances are I always will. Some of this is biochemical, to do with the way my brain processes seratonin, and some of... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 6

It's time for another Friday Foraging, featuring links I found interesting this week, but didn't have time to write a full response to. Storm Faerywolf writes in The Wild Hunt about The Hope of Being "Queer", reclaiming both the word "queer" and queer spaces within the Pagan community, and the need to resist bigotry when... Continue Reading →

Trans Rights are Human Rights

Recently, there have been arguments in some corners of online Pagan space about the acceptance of trans people in Paganism, and the existence of a certain newly formed trans-exculsionary "Pagan" organisation. I have no interest in linking to them, because I don't want to have my site flooded with angry commenters, but a quick search... Continue Reading →

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