Becoming – a poem

They told me I should be the rock, Unyielding, hard and cold. But I longed for the sea, Caressing and inviting. They told me I should be the sun, Bright, shining with illumination. But I longed for the moon, Shifting and alchemical. They told me I should be the word, Logic, truth and power. But... Continue Reading →

Last Night – A Poem

The yawning winter wind, Last breath of a tired year. Another spiral round the star, Another life half-lived. Let darkness cover me now, Let earth caress my unsettled form, Let frost heal and redeem. A star is lit in the heart of the rose - but roses are dead this time of year; In silence... Continue Reading →

Ecce Homo – a poem

When you look at me, do you see a man? Do my rough shapes coagulate in mock virility? These limbs, this chest, these hands, these lips; Dissolve and fall apart, I cannot hold. We are mostly empty space - The gaps between the atoms, the void Between the stars, the catch of Breath Before the... Continue Reading →

Lambskin Parchment: A poem

Get thee behind me Emmanuel. The gates of perdition are edged with pearl and gilt. Beneath the altar, relics of my innocence; Spilt wine, consecrated dripping from stigmatic hands. Ex cathedra I exhume the execration. Censor your thurible, no incense shrouds The reeking entrails worn around your neck. The holy lie, forbidden fruit tastes sweet;... Continue Reading →

Winterend – a poem

Let me in to your lamentation, The song of snowmelt in your sigh. Spring rain falls soft on cherry blossom, Early this year - or late for your epiphany. An exhalation beautiful as blood, Scenery washed by sunrise. A time to mourn, a time to dance, A time between the never and the now. We... Continue Reading →

Burns Night

No Friday Foraging today, but a simple post for Burns Night, a celebration of the life and poetry of Robert Burns - and a celebration of Scottish culture and heritage too. While my ancestry is not Scottish, but Irish, I enjoy all celebrations of Celtic identity and shall have a wee dram and some (vegetarian)... Continue Reading →

Just a moment: a poem

Too much, too fast, too soon, too now; Wildfires burn, each spark a story. The rising tide will overwhelm us all; A flood of meaning, meaningless amidst the noise. Gaze into it, it gazes back, A void of fire and fury, all is fear, The fear of dying, fear of failure, fear of being found... Continue Reading →

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