The super pink moon

Visible last night (7 April) and tonight (8 April), tonight's full moon is a "supermoon", so called because it appears larger than most full moons due to being closer to Earth at it's perigee, or closest point in its orbit. In fact it is the biggest and brightest full moon of 2020. But it won't... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the tide

The Welsh term for inspiration, Awen, is often poetically translated in Druidry as "flowing spirit". But what is a Druid to do when that very flow is blocked, or run dry? To write is an act of Awen. If the Awen is a river then words are like boats, carrying ideas along that river from... Continue Reading →


"You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves". - Mary Oliver, Wild Geese. Our society creates expectations to be productive. Even in a crisis... Continue Reading →

Finding balance at the Spring Equinox

While it can be hard to keep track of days at the moment, with isolation and quarantine and working from home making time blur into a fog of unreality, the Wheel of the Year still turns, and brings us to the Vernal (Spring) Equinox on Friday. This Equinox is apparently the earliest Spring Equinox in... Continue Reading →

Indoor Druidry

"I am one, and we are many. Fellowship, in solitude". - From the liturgy of the Solitary Druid Fellowship. This post in a way acts as a counterpoint to Wednesday's one on Getting out and shutting up, which emphasised the outdoors aspects of Druidry. We are currently in the grip of a global pandemic. Coronavirus... Continue Reading →

Getting out and shutting up

"Leave your sleep and let the Springtime talk, in tongues from the time before man" - Nightwish, Elan. I've said many times that 90% of my Druid practice involves getting outside and shutting up. This weekend, I did what I always do when life feels to close, anxiety pressing in on all sides, and I... Continue Reading →

Elemental self-care

The four classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are a foundation of many modern Pagan paths, Druidry included. Within ritual, we often call out to these elements to honour them and make offerings to them. Representations of the elements often sit upon our altars, in the form of stones and candles, water and... Continue Reading →

Becoming – a poem

They told me I should be the rock, Unyielding, hard and cold. But I longed for the sea, Caressing and inviting. They told me I should be the sun, Bright, shining with illumination. But I longed for the moon, Shifting and alchemical. They told me I should be the word, Logic, truth and power. But... Continue Reading →

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