Together we rise

As well as being the time of Imbolc, February is marked by LGBT History Month. Both times, for me, are a reminder to look back at the past for inspiration for the future. With Imbolc, we recall the Winter past, knowing that while it is still here and still a time of struggle, the hope... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 12: Imbolc edition

Well, the snows have finally arrived in my part of the world, and Winter is biting with full force. Yet, in the midst of the frost and chill, the days are getting longer (the sun won't set before 5pm again until November!), and there are signs of coming Spring. The snowdrops are blooming, poking their... Continue Reading →

Winterend – a poem

Let me in to your lamentation, The song of snowmelt in your sigh. Spring rain falls soft on cherry blossom, Early this year - or late for your epiphany. An exhalation beautiful as blood, Scenery washed by sunrise. A time to mourn, a time to dance, A time between the never and the now. We... Continue Reading →

Burns Night

No Friday Foraging today, but a simple post for Burns Night, a celebration of the life and poetry of Robert Burns - and a celebration of Scottish culture and heritage too. While my ancestry is not Scottish, but Irish, I enjoy all celebrations of Celtic identity and shall have a wee dram and some (vegetarian)... Continue Reading →

The three cauldrons

"I sing of the Cauldron of Wisdom, which bestows the merit of every art" - The Cauldron of Poesy. You've probably come across the idea of "Chakras", found in traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Deriving from the Sanskrit for "wheel", these Chakras are perceived as being energy centres, focal points, or nodes in the... Continue Reading →

The animism of tidying up

"The first thing I do when I visit a client's home is to greet their house. I kneel formally on the floor in the centre of the house and address the house in my mind...I ask for help in creating a space where the family can enjoy a happier life. Then I bow." - Marie... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 11

Is it Friday already? I'd almost forgotten! So what did I find in the Pagan internet undergrowth this week? Dana at The Druid's Garden has an absolutely excellent article on Druidry for the 21st Century. How can Druidry help us navigate the complex environmental and social challenges of the modern world? As I’ve shared before... Continue Reading →

Find another world

The world, it seems, is going to hell. Politics are imploding, hatred is on the rise, everywhere you look a new tragedy. The news, no longer once a day but now a gargantuan 24-7 monstrosity, consumes our attention and feeds on it, feeding us in return a diet of fear and panic. Rather than spurred... Continue Reading →

The Wind in the Willows

"With his ear to the reed stems he caught, at intervals, something of what the wind went whispering so constantly among them." - Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows. There are some books which stay with you. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame was in a way my introduction to Paganism, not... Continue Reading →

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