Morning moments

I light the candle on my home shrine. The light of the day has just started to filter through the branches of the trees outside the window, still leafless enough for the pale rays of dawn to pass easily through. Taking a breath, I say: "With this light I greet the new day". I speak... Continue Reading →

Self work is not selfish

"Self-fulfillment and personal understanding allow us to support ourselves and therefore others" - The First Pillar of the Global Order of Satan. In the absence of a belief in the literal existence of anthropomorphic deities, my own Pagan path focuses largely on two things: Nature and the Self. While I want to do more, and... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 16

Is it Friday again already? That's come by fast. Here's my regular round up of foraged links from the Pagansphere this week. Given that it's International Womens Day, I'll be featuring the writing of women in Paganism today. First it's Cat Treadwell, Speaking As A Woman, reminding us what feminism means for all of us:... Continue Reading →

There is no perfect moment

"Don't you forget about dying, don't you forget about your friend Death, don't you forget that you will die." - Ghost, Pro Memoria. Today is Ash Wednesday in the Catholic tradition. While I have long since left that religion behind, I acknowledge its influence, for good and ill, on my perception. Ash Wednesday is one... Continue Reading →

Lambskin Parchment: A poem

Get thee behind me Emmanuel. The gates of perdition are edged with pearl and gilt. Beneath the altar, relics of my innocence; Spilt wine, consecrated dripping from stigmatic hands. Ex cathedra I exhume the execration. Censor your thurible, no incense shrouds The reeking entrails worn around your neck. The holy lie, forbidden fruit tastes sweet;... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 15

A snuffle in the undergrowth - is it a badger? A fox? Nope, just me with another Friday Foraging! In no particular order, here we go: Country Living magazine has a feature on "Witch markings", those strangely beautiful graffiti sigils found in medieval and early-modern barns, churches and rural buildings: 6 things you need to... Continue Reading →

Leave the lawn alone

A recent global scientific review has painted a bleak picture of biodiversity loss, especially in regard to insects. Some 40% of insect species are in decline, with a third endangered. Insects may be small, but they are profoundly significant to ecosystems. From pollinating plants that we and other animals depend on for food, to being... Continue Reading →

Sympathy for the Devil

"Tonight, we're summoned for a divine cause" - Ghost, Ritual. As you read this, I'll be on my way home from a weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm writing this from before I leave tomorrow (Friday for me) to be scheduled on Sunday. Because wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. I can confidently say the trip is... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 14

Welcome from the past! It's actually Thursday for me writing this, but who's counting the days? As usual, here's my gleanings from the forest floor of the Pagan interwebs this week: The brilliant Yewtree (Yvonne Aburrow) of Dowsing for Divinity reminded me this week of their excellent post, The Landscape of Gender, which probably unconsciously... Continue Reading →

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