Last Night – A Poem

The yawning winter wind, Last breath of a tired year. Another spiral round the star, Another life half-lived. Let darkness cover me now, Let earth caress my unsettled form, Let frost heal and redeem. A star is lit in the heart of the rose - but roses are dead this time of year; In silence... Continue Reading →

Winter and Christmas

Somehow it's December already. The Wheel of the Year moves inexorably around, the Earth turns through its orbit around the Sun, and we are almost at the end of one cycle and the start of another. We have almost made it, and by the Winter Solstice, we here in the Northern Hemisphere will be halfway... Continue Reading →

Political Druids?

"Vote for the future you want to see. Vote for what matters most to you. Vote like lives depend on it – because they do" - Nimue Brown. I was inspired by Nimue Brown's excellent post at Druid Life on Druidry and Politics (which you should go and read right now...I'll wait), to re-share my... Continue Reading →

The Time Between

November's final days have brought rain. Elsewhere in the country, people are losing homes and possessions to flooding. Here, in my corner of the fens, the rain is less dramatic, just a steady, incessant drizzle. A background drumbeat sounding the passing days of Autumn and the oncoming dark of Winter. As the year draws to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Druidry and the Future

Brown, Nimue. Druidry and the Future. Independently published, 2019. Nimue Brown of the Druid Life blog is one of the most prolific Druid writers out there, and her work is consistently thought-provoking and inspiring. Druidry and the Future is intended, in Brown's words "to be an antidote to despair". It explores the ways that Druidry... Continue Reading →

Beginner’s Mind

"Resolve to always be beginning - to be a beginner" - Rainer Maria Rilke. Life is not a line, it is a spiral. We think, or are conditioned to think, of life as a linear process, beginning with birth and ending in death, with a single line of progress in between. The classical accounts of... Continue Reading →

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