Friday Foraging 10: The return

Wow, it's been a while! I'm thinking of restarting my little "Friday Foraging" link round ups for the new year, so here goes. There's a new (well new to me anyway) site called Anima Monday, written by "a collective of people interested in sharing our experiences of Animism", and it's excellent. It has a blog,... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 8

A brief forage this week, but let's get into it! Dana at The Druid's Garden has an utterly brilliant post called What Can Druidry Offer in Dark Times? If you only read one article this week, make it this one. In a world that seems broken, Dana shows how traditionally Druidic practices: the Bardic arts,... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 7

Walk with me into the forest groves of the Pagan internet, where beneath the fallen leaves and underneath moss-grown logs hidden worlds of ideas are to be found and gathered up. It's time for this week's Friday Foraging, featuring links I found interesting but haven't had the time to write a full response to. As... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 6

It's time for another Friday Foraging, featuring links I found interesting this week, but didn't have time to write a full response to. Storm Faerywolf writes in The Wild Hunt about The Hope of Being "Queer", reclaiming both the word "queer" and queer spaces within the Pagan community, and the need to resist bigotry when... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 5

A quick forage today, more of a passing snuffle through the leaves really. So what have I found this week? Mark Green at Atheopaganism writes about Keeping a Practice Going. My last blogpost on Wednesday was inspired by this piece, but I wanted to highlight it again because it offers some useful and timely advice... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 2

It's Friday, which means that it's time for my weekly snuffle around the forest floor of the internet to gather some freshly foraged links that I've found interesting this week, but don't have the time to write a full response to. So, what did I come across this week? One of my favourite Druid writers,... Continue Reading →

Friday Foraging 1

There's a lot of amazing Pagan writers online, and a lot of just really interesting stuff. So, once a week, I will post a quick round up of a few things I have seen and read this week that I've found interesting but that I haven't had time to fully respond to. This bite-sized run... Continue Reading →

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