May full moon 2020 – Hare Moon

The full moon rises tomorrow (Thursday 7 May), and it will be the last of three supermoons to occur this year. A "supermoon" occurs when the moon is closer to the Earth, making it look larger and brighter than usual. Tomorrow's moon won't be as big or bright as the March and April ones were,... Continue Reading →

The super pink moon

Visible last night (7 April) and tonight (8 April), tonight's full moon is a "supermoon", so called because it appears larger than most full moons due to being closer to Earth at it's perigee, or closest point in its orbit. In fact it is the biggest and brightest full moon of 2020. But it won't... Continue Reading →

January Full Moon: Quiet Moon

The first full moon of the new decade will rise in the night sky this Friday, 10th January.  Known by many names including the Wolf Moon for the howling of wolves when they still roamed the forests of Britain, Stay-At-Home Moon (a good idea on a cold wintery night) and, my favourite, Quiet Moon for... Continue Reading →

Corn Moon

The August full moon has many names in different cultures around the world, and in medieval England was known as the Corn Moon. This name makes sense, as it is the time when the corn is being harvested in from the fields. In Druidry, the full moon is traditionally a time to reflect on peace,... Continue Reading →

Harvest Moon

The full moon nearest the Autumn Equinox is known in folklore as the Harvest Moon (sometimes also called the Hunter's Moon). The earliest recorded use of the term "Harvest Moon" is from 1706, but it is almost certainly an earlier name. This year's Harvest Moon was especially close to the Equinox, due to the Equinox... Continue Reading →

Grain Moon

"With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?" - Oscar Wilde. Tonight is marked by the last full moon of the summer, the first before the Autumnal Equinox. Traditional cultures from around the world have long had different names for the different full moons of the year. The ones you may... Continue Reading →

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